Dorothy Pickard
Kathleen Pohlman
Elaine Rodgers
Douglas Rogers
Arthur Squires
Louis Smith
Ken Toerpe
Alonzo Whitt

Richard Hendrix
Anne-Leen Koit
Sandra Kress
Melvin Lapinsky
Ted Marciante
John Miller
Mary Beth Miller
John Nesvig
Donna Nichols


C l a s s   o f   1 9 6 6

Pat Adams
Pam Bartkowski
Frank Boone
Patricia Bridge
Warren Brown
Dee Ann Culp
Susan Dillion
Walter Genther
John Glandorf

Countdown to‚Äč the

Dear Classmates,

Good news!  We have extended two deadlines:

  • Combo tickets are still available at the same price for class members at $245 and for guests at $190 until Thursday, September 1. 
  • Biographies for the Reunion Book are still being accepted until Saturday, August 20. Please email me if you have questions about either one.  We'd love to see you all at the reunion and in the reunion book.

We have put the reunion and Homecoming schedule on the website. Click on Reunion Schedule on the left. Please understand that the times and places for some of our events (in red) have not been finalized. 

With 71 days left to the reunion, we are still looking for the people listed below.  While we have postal addresses for most of them, we are hoping to get their email addresses.  If you know their email addresses, please send them to me at this email address:

Thanks, Rae