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7/13/2017 Obituary for Tana Murray


5/22/2017 Obituary for Janet (Radin) Haun


4/25/2017 Obituary for Bob Mathis

Bob Mathis of Lebanon, TN passed away on March 5, 2017, surrounded by his loving wife, Peggy, his daughter, Kristine (Gene) Henderson, and son, Jimmy (Lacey) Mathis and three grandchildren.  He was 73. He had not yet retired from his business, Peggy’s Stitch Eraser which he invented 33 years ago.  He enjoyed boating and fishing with his family and friends.  A Celebration of Life Ceremony was held on Saturday, April 15, at the Hermitage Church of Christ, Hermitage, TN.  About 160 people attended.

See photo of Bob and his family in the Photo Gallery. Scroll to the bottom for the photo.

3/6/2017 Mary Lynn Lally received award

March 4, 2017

Mary Lynn Lally selected for Hamilton Relay 2016 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Maryland

Mary Lynn Lally of Walkersville, Maryland has been selected as the Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award recipient for the state of Maryland. Mary Lynn has worked as a tireless advocate to improve the lives of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Mary Lynn is an active member of Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens (MDSC) and has contributed significant amounts of time to MDSC.  Additionally, she frequently partners with the Maryland Association of the Deaf on many events. She is also involved with the Free State (Maryland) Chapter of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association, Alpha Gamma Chapter of the Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority and the Frederick Chapter of Deaf Seniors of America. She also served on the Deaf Seniors of America – Baltimore 2013 Conference Management Team.

Mary Lynn is a retired Maryland School for the Deaf principal and spent many years contributing to the community. Even in retirement, Mary Lynn continues to serve the Deaf community by offering transportation to those who are no longer able to drive and need a ride to meetings or appointments. In addition,  she is always willing to gather information about the resources available to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Along with her peers, we commend Mary Lynn for encouraging and empowering those around her and are proud to present her with the Hamilton Relay 2016 Deaf Community Leader Award for the state of Maryland.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

About Hamilton Relay

Hamilton Relay provides contracted Traditional Relay and Captioned Telephone services through 24 contracts to 18 states, the District of Columbia and the Island of Saipan, and is a provider of Internet-based Captioned Telephone services nationwide. More information is available at www.hamiltonrelay.com.

Photograph of M L receiving the award can been seen in the Photo Gallery section.

12/1/2016 Obituary for Harriet Koch


10/18/2016 Obituary for Jim Souza


9/20/2016 Article about Henry Vlug


6/13/2016 Film clip of our graduation procession on June 13, 1966


4/27/2016 Obituary for Tillman "Lee" Whitt


3/9/2016 Obituary for Eleanor Scouten


1/30/2016 More information about Kevin Milligan

Additional information about Kevin Milligan is available at this link, thanks to Al Couthen


1/27/2016 Obituary for Kevin Milligan


From DeafDigest



Gallaudet had great basketball players during the 1960s– Al Van Nevel (6’3), Jim Bittner (6-6), Harvey Goodstein and others, but Kevin, who stood at just 5’10, was the BEST! He also played varsity soccer and was one of the baseball players that helped Gallaudet win conference co-championship in the 1966 season. - Barry Strassler, '65

12/19/2015 Obituary for Nancy Setzer Brown


11/22/2015 Elo Suomela

Gary Rafiq received a letter from our long lost classmate Elo in reply to the letter Gary sent a few months ago. Gary has been trying to track him down since last year. He sent an email to the Finnish Association of the Deaf asking them to find Elo's address and they found it. Elo is retired and living with his wife Riitta in Hameenlinna, a town about an hour drive north of Helsinki. You may remember that Elo and Riitta lived in one of the houses on Faculty Row at Gallaudet during our sophomore, junior and senior years. He said that his time at Gallaudet was his happiness ever!

10/9/2015 Obituary for Charles Howell


9/30/2015 Obituary for Dennis Platt