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C l a s s   o f   1 9 6 6

December 23, 2016, from Rae Johnson

Subject: Proceeds from the reunion


Abby Drake reported yesterday that the class has added $1131.93 to the Endowment Fund after the bills for our reunion were all paid for.  We had $381.93 after expenses were paid plus the $750 from the $10 class gift for each of the 75 class members.  This is fortunate for us as we had not included the Friday evening dinner for class members, but for their spouses, in the costs of the reunion.  It was my misunderstanding that the dinner was a "gift" from Gallaudet; it was not.

Thanks again for all you have done in making this 50th anniversary event a memorable celebration for the Great Class of 1966.

Happy holidays to you all!


December 13, 2016, from Rae Johnson

Subject: Reunion Committee lunch

At the kind invitation of the class, seven reunion committee members met for lunch at the wonderful Dutch's Daughter restaurant in Frederick, MD, on Monday, December 5. They were Joan Somers Harvey, Joy Davis Larson, Jeanne Wolohan Lambert, Mary Lynn Lally, Annette Looker Black, Rae Horwitz Johnson, and Virginia Borggaard. The food and company were lovely. Do check out the website for this restaurant. Also, see the photo of us at the restaurant in the Photo Gallery section.

Four committee members were unable to join us but each received a $25 Visa gift card: Allan Fraenkel, Valerie Kinney, Alex Nobleman, and Gary Rafiq

On behalf of these committee members, thank you for this special gift from the class. It was a pleasure planning this 50th anniversary reunion.

Hugs to all, Rae

December 12, 2016, from Alex Nobleman

Subject: Thank you

Thank you all for the nice gift card for servicing on the Class 50th Reunion Committee.  I received the card right after a great birthday weekend which I enjoyed a family dinner, saw the Washington Redskins win! Whew! The best was left for Sunday evening when the New York Giants defeated the Dallas Cowboys! Perfect weekend.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year. :))

November 2, 2016, from Rae Johnson

Subject:  Pixes

Hi--it was good to see you all.  At this point, I don't have specific information about mailings.  I know that the pictures, both group and individual, will be mailed in a few weeks.  I'm not sure about the women's and men's group yet.  When I have more information, will post it on the website. 
Hugs, Rae

November 2, 2016, From Hal Wright

Subject:  Pixes

Wonder if each of us will get the picture of the class picture (in front of the Chapel Hall) and as well the Alumni Emeriti Induction ceremony? Please let us know how we can obtain these pixes. Thanks in advance.


September 27, 2016, from Jonelle Davis Vargo

Subject: Henry Vlug

Kudos to Henry for his work in law that enable Canada as well as Australia to recognize the need for equal access of the deaf to media news via close caption. For many who will have the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary--may this be the best ever. I know I will remember my years at Gallaudet and my classmates. Not to ignore the success of others...may you enjoy the fruits of your labor!! May all of us continue to peruse goals that are still achievable while we are still "YOUNG" in spirit even tho our bodies are getting older!

Jonelle Vargo '66


September 12, 2016, from Carolyn Baughman Miller

Subject: Message from Carolyn

Dear Friends of 1966 Class,

Wish I could join you and all & have fun together. I haven't seen most of the class for more than 50 years but I've been seeing several doctors lately due to more than cancer. That's why I have to stay for awhile. I am actually fine.

Glad you will have many good times together at the Class of 1966 Golden Anniversary Reunion luncheon. That's wonderful because it will bring you all many awesome memories after the events.

I'd love to hear from some of your friends.

Enjoy it all you can as life is short and laugh!!

Bless you all with warm hugs,


Editor's note: If you wish to have Carolyn's email address, let me know by sending a request using the Comment page on the menu.


September 12, 2016 from Ron Byington

Subject: Jim Souza

Oh how sad that we lost him. I thought about him and wondering what he had been doing in Hawaii. Guess that is done.

Darn. Now he is in rest in peace


September 12, 2016 from Paul Levenson 

Subject: Jim Souza

I am so shocked when hearing this news because a few weeks ago I finally got a hold of him and had a nice chat with him.  He looked great! 

RIP Jim.  

Paul Levenson

September 12, 2016 from Tony Giordano

Subject: Jim Souza
OH NO! I could not believe, I just spoke with him few weeks ago, he looked good and positive.


April 24, 2016 from Jonelle Vargo

Subject: 50th  Reunion
Thank you so much for the information.  Unfortunately, since my husband has just recently died, I will have to watch my budget more tightly now.

May all those who attend have a fabulous and memorable time.

Jonelle Vargo

I will be happy to forward the memory book as that would be interesting to see who is still around and what they are doing.
"the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge" (Proverbs 1:7)
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)


September 29, 2015 from Jea Lambert

Subject: Funeral for Dennis Platt

Obituary will be posted soon. Funeral is 11:00 am Saturday, October 3, 2015 at Aaron's Mortuary, 496 24th St, Ogden, Utah 84401.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Dennis R. Platt Memorial Fund at the USA Deaf Sports Federation for Deaflympics scholar/athletes. Please use the Comment link on the left to ask for the address.

September 28, 2015 from Neil Johnson

Subject: Dennis Platt

Thank you for sharing. I do remember him as a good softball player on my team.

September 28, 2015 from Hilary Ainbender

Subject: Dennis Platt

Sorry to hear the sad news. May he rest in peace.

May 24, 2015 from Phil Bravin

Subject: ed bosson and family safe in floods

from facebook (his sister in law):

I come asking for prayer. My heart is both heavy and grateful. Prayers needed for my beloved sister Lisa Gilbert Bosson and dear brother-in-law Ed Bosson. They live in Wimberly; last night 1000 homes were evacuated by the National Guard from rooftops in Hayes co.; both Wimberly and San Marcus were affected. My sister and her husband have lost their home. They are both deaf and were in a terrifying situation in the dark; trying to escape the rising waters. I praise God and thank all involved who helped them to escape. The emergency lines were down and I thank Irving P.D. for connecting me to the Sheriff's office, as my dear family members were unable to reach their rooftop. All I know now is that they have lost everything and are at a local community center expecting further rain. It was 3:45 in the morning when I got word that they had been saved. Prayers for all of the families in that area, please. And, thank you Lord for keeping Lisa and Ed safe! I love them so much!

May 12, 2015, from Dennis Platt

Subject: Sandra Janet Yelverton

Gosh...  Rest in peace, Sandra...

May 12, 2015, from Latrelle  (McFarland) Arias

Subject: Sandra Janet Yelverton

So sorry to hear about her  Thank you for letting us know.
  Please keep in touch.

May 11, 2015, from Hilary Ainbender

Subject: Sandra Janet Yelverton

Sorry to hear the sad news.

February  23, 2015, from Rae Johnson

Subject: Reply to Ed Bosson

Ed, it was very nice chatting with you the other day on the vp about your ideas of having a reunion on our own for a few days in a different location than in DC. I want to recap here a few things we talked about:

1.  The reason we are have the 50th reunion at Gallaudet instead of elsewhere in the US is that it's a Gallaudet thing.  The alumni relations office will arrange a luncheon and an emeriti ceremony for us with the reunion committee planning other events just for us.   And then there will be all those people to see again or meet for the first time and they can tell us how wonderful we look "even after 50 years!"  

2.  Plus Gallaudet has gone through many, many changes since our days there.  Some buildings have been renovated or torn down and replaced with something more modern and more up-to-date.  It's something to see all the computers and vps on campus, something we didn't have in our days. The Union Market across Sixth Street is a delightful place to eat.

3.  We can have a reunion at another time by land westward of DC or by sea on a cruise if someone will take leadership on this.  

February 12, 2015, from Ed Bosson

Subject: Class reunion

Has anyone thought of meeting elsewhere other than DC? Like Denver, Colorado - center of USA where perhaps other out of state may be interested in attending?


November 9, 2014, from Rae Johnson

Subject:  Kudos to Phil Bravin!

Congratulations on receiving the I Lee Brody Lifetime Achievement Award at the TDI-ALDA 2013 Joint Conference: "In recognition of your outstanding leadership and contributions spanning almost half a century benefitting deaf and hard of hearing Americans, including initiatives for accessibility at IBM and your "Yes, you can!" consulting firm; for your community activism; for your corporate responsibility for TV captioning; and for your pioneering efforts in business development and marketing of Video Relay Services with CSD (now ZVRS)." From TDI World, vol. 44, no. 3 &4.

That's a busy life you lead, Phil! Way to go!

November 1, 2014, from Alfred Deuel

Subject: Hope to see my 1966 class.

I hope I am able to attend and join 1966 class . and also, I will bring my wife , Sherry .

October 31, 2014

Subject: Wanda Faye Taylor Schiller, '66

Wanda Faye Taylor Schiller passed away on October 23, 2014, after a long battle with cancer. Her obituary can be seen at this website.

Sept. 9, 2014 ,from Val Kinney

Subject: Class of 1966 Endowment Fund

To the folks who haven’t yet donated this quarter – the time is now! When you got the last message from Gary, you probably thought, “plenty of time.” Now is not “plenty of time” – send your check or go online to charge a donation to the Class of 1966 Endowment Fund – it’s our legacy and something to be proud of! Every dollar counts!

Sept. 6, 2014, from William (Bill) Crume

Subject: "Great to see you in class picture"

My humble heart, It is an excellent idea to establish this website to keep us in touch together to encourage us to celebrate our 50th anniversary class in 2016, Right?

Sept. 2, 2014, from Leanor Vlug

Subject: Henry Vlug, '66, Honored by the British Columbia government

See this link for the original story from Australia that has been posted on FB and other sites..

Editor's note: According to Leanor, the honor was actually bestowed on Henry in 2004.  Seems the Aussies are a little late with the news but they are  trying to get closed captioning over there so they used Henry's successful work in Canada as an example that it can be done.

Sept. 2, 2014, from Morton Goldstein
Subject: Living Classmates

This has been a long while seeing names of classmates I haven't heard or seen in the last 48 years. It is time for me to get connected when we all get together for our 50th anniversary. Keep up the good work. See y'all in two years.

Sept. 2, 2014, from Judith Bravin


To the members of the new Class of 1966 website and Class of 1966 reunion committee for the wonderful work each one of you have done, are doing and will be doing until our 50th Anniversary Reunion in 2016! All your work is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
Please continue to make monetary contributions to the Class of 1966 Endowment Fund and the 50th Anniversary Reunion fund...any amount will be appreciated!
The Class of 1966 is always the BEST! THANK YOU!!! Judith