C l a s s   o f   1 9 6 6

Hilary Ainbender, Allan Fraenkel, Marie Dykes and Rosy Mikos in Florida.

Elo Suomela wearing his 50th Reunion vest shipped to him!

Bob Mathis with his family on March 5, 2017.

Mary Lynn Lally received the Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award  for the state of Maryland.

Joan Harvey, Joy Larson, Jea Lambert, Mary Lynn Lally, Annette Black, Rae Johnson and Jini Borggaard at the Dutch's Daughter restaurant in Frederick, MD.

Elo Suomela

The photo below was on a 1964 calendar. See if you can spot your younger self in it!

(The brownish discolorations at the top are from the tapes that were used to hang the calendar)

​During 2015 DSA Conference in Asheville, NC

Front: Rae Johnson, Glenna Garner, Charlotte Karras and Joan Harvey
Middle: Annette Black,  Brenda Mitchiner, Hilary Ainbender, Joy Larson, Mary Lynn Lally, Elaine Aiello, Janice Logan and Francis Bourne
Back: Jerry Nichols, Jim Revell, Buford Gilliam, Gene Hull, Morton Goldstein, Gary Rafiq and Richard Koch

Elaine Aiello, Rae Johnson, Tony Bystrycki and Mary Lynn Lally at 2014 Homecoming event.​

​Go Bison (and Class of 1966)!

Mel Carter is the white hair mustached guy at upper left. The people in the group are members of the Deafhood Foundation.

48th Class reunion during Gallaudet's 150th Year events           Copyright Sam Whittle. Taken by Dick Leon. 
Front: Janice Logan, Joan Harvey, Joy Larson, Brenda Mitchiner, Judith Bravin, Sally Barnett, Sam Whittle, Jeanne Lambert, Annette Black, Rae Johnson, Mary Lynn Lally
Rear: Pat Herbold, Calvin Huneycutt, Jini Borggaard, Al Couthen, Phil Bravin, Francis Bourne, Buford  Gilliam, Gary Rafiq, Alex Nobleman, Jerry Nichols, Allan Fraenkel, Henry Kaufman

Dr. Phil Bravin addressing the 2014 graduates at Gallaudet